Photography Celebrations for a Happy Valentine's (or any Happy) Day!

Here are some charming ideas taken from professional photographers, that can be practiced at home for the whole family to enjoy:

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History? The Most Fascinating Lesson!

Homemade History Lesson

Some kids (and adults) mistakenly understand "history" to be an account of past wars and an exhausting list of dates. Why not correct them?

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A Fairies and Gnomes Garden

A Fairies and Gnomes Garden

To celebrate the approaching spring, Valentine's Day or just for fun:

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A Time Capsule: Happy 2012, And Happy Birthday Kessem!

A Happy New Year 2012 to everyone, and a Happy Second Birthday to Kessem!

New Year's Time Capsule

Here's a nice idea for a family celebration, with a little gift for you:

A "Time Capsule" booklet to fill out and keep!

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